Aviation Accidents

Over the last decade, Tucker Yance's practice has become significantly focused on cases arising out of aviation crashes.  He has handled cases involving crashes that have occurred as the result of and/or involving complex issues surrounding pilot error, defective component parts, defective engines, faulty overhaul, faulty maintenance, avionics, and metallurgy just to name a few.  To be most effective handling aviation cases, an attorney must have in addition to remarkable legal experience and expertise, an intimate understanding of the rules, regulations, procedures, equipment, avionics, and skills applicable to all aspects of flight.  Hands on experience flying airplanes is a priceless ingredient to achieving such an understanding.  Tucker Yance has been a licensed airplane pilot since age 17, achieving an instrument rating by the FAA shortly thereafter.  He has the right combination of aviation knowledge and legal expertise to successfully litigate the toughest aviation case.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an aviation disaster, whether an airplane crash, helicopter crash, or any other aviation related incident, contact an experienced aviation accident attorney to discuss your case. The aviation attorneys at Yance Law Firm offer a confidential consultation regarding your airplane crash, helicopter crash or other aviation accident case. At Yance Law Firm, our compassionate attorneys help grieving families seek justice for their losses and attain financial security for the future. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an airplane accident, call (251) 432-8003 today to explore your legal options. 

On the other hand, If you are an attorney wishing to refer an aviation case to an experienced aviation attorney, please consider Yance Law Firm for your referral.   If you are instead an aviation attorney handling an aviation case and you need local counsel in Mobile, Alabama or other venues in Alabama, Yance Law Firm has the requisite experience in the field to participate at any level you desire.  If you are considering Mobile, Alabama as a potential venue for filing an aviation lawsuit, feel free to call or e-mail Tucker Yance any time, and he will be happy to discuss all aspects of your decision making process so that you can best serve your aviation client.


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