Class Actions

When a group of individuals has suffered similar injuries or damages arising from a common wrongful act, their claims can sometimes be brought together as one class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits most often result when defective products, unfair business practices, or statutory violations cause a group of consumers, employees or investors to suffer the same or similar injuries. Many times, the size of each individual injury when weighed against the extreme cost and risk associated with litigating the complex issues in the case will preclude that case from being pursued on an individual basis.  When this happens, a class action may be the only practical method available for injured or damaged individuals to seek recourse in court.  Rather than file each claim individually, class action plaintiffs file one claim on behalf of the entire class in order to benefit from shared representation of their case. Each plaintiff is able to avoid the great financial burden of having to litigate each of their claims in separate proceedings. In addition, plaintiffs in class action suits find strength in numbers, giving them the ability to litigate on an equal playing field with large and powerful corporate defendants. Courts also benefit from class actions because they allow a single judge to hear several – and often several thousand – claims in one proceeding. Class action lawsuits are highly complex legal matters that can involve prolonged litigation often requiring substantial resources to be expended on behalf of the class. Yance Law Firm has the resources and expertise to successfully litigate class action cases.  If you believe you may have a class action claim, contact the Mobile class action attorneys at Yance Law Firm at  (251) 432-8003 today for a free consultation regarding your case.






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